Over the years we have received many submissions from a wide range of talented community members! So far we have received exactly 113 mod submissions from 109 different authors! SpookyJam mods have cumulatively been downloaded 58,890,610 times on CurseForge! Below you will find a complete list of every project submitted to SpookyJam so far!


In 2023 we have received 22 submissions from 27 different authors! These projects have been cumulatively downloaded 279,867 times! Check out all the awesome submissions below!

Better Berries Redux Plus

By: The_Lemon_Juiced

Adds even more berries to your worlds.

Flower Mimics

By: Serilum

πŸ‘» SpookyJam 2023: Be careful around flowers at night.. they might transform into monsters!


By: Mrbysco , ShyNieke

Have mobs dance next to active jukeboxes

Bats Galore

By: Nyfaria , SirJain

Adds many bats with unique loot for spooky season. Originally made for 2023 SpookyJam!

Jack o'Cache

By: deuli

A mod about collecting various pumpkins.

Hungry Chests

By: ChiefArug

Monchy Cronchy! Don't let the chests bite

Giant Overhaul

By: TathanDev

Finally add an utility to the Giant

Oh My Sherd

By: DarkhaxDev

A variety of new decorated pot sherds!

Cannibal Conundrum [Forge...

By: SirPancakesss , ZeusIGN

Adds crazed cannibals within the world of Minecraft!

Pumpkin Moon

By: UltrusBot

Adds content from the pumpkin moon event from terraria into minecraft.


By: Gamerdragon252

A spooky mod for the spookyJam

Scary Bees

By: AmyMialee

Gives Bees a bit of Halloween Flair!

Sip 'n Savor

By: Lord_Of_Crumbs

Expirience the crisp taste of apple products to the fullest


By: beniven12

A miscellaneous unsuspecting mod based around autumn.


By: RelayModding , Virtuoel , DarkhaxDev , Serilum , witixin , Jaredlll08

πŸ§™β€β™€οΈ Relay Γ— SpookyJam 2023: Become a Witch! Perform rituals, bound familiars and gain power.

Hocus Pocus

By: VulpTheHorseDog2

A magic mod revolving around witchery, autumn and the moon! Made for SpookyJam 2023!

Soulless Steeds

By: ThatGravyboat

Adds natural spawning zombie horses and wither skeleton horses.

Pumpkin Pal

By: Superkat32

Adds a friendly pumpkin. Made for SpookyJam 2023


By: HellionGames

A spooky Voodoo-themed mod made for SpookyJam 2023!

Creepy Decor

By: JTK222 , SirJain

Adds decoration themed around Halloween/Autumn and everything spooky

Diabolical Delights

By: AzureDoomC

Diabolical Delights adds a delightful element of surprise and chaos via the Jack O'Bomb item!


By: The_Lemon_Juiced

Become the grim reaper with this mod.


In 2022 we have received 18 submissions from 23 different authors! These projects have been cumulatively downloaded 6,732,670 times! Check out all the awesome submissions below!

Pumpkillager's Quest

By: Serilum

πŸŽƒ SpookyJam 2022: Help out the Pumpkillager! With custom encounters, rewards and a boss fight you'l...

Halloween Mood

By: TathanDev

This mod add a Halloween difficulty in minecraft and more !


By: MelanX

SpookyJam 2022 mod, dealing with Curses


By: Ferri_Arnus

A mod that adds your favorite screaming plant to Minecraft. A spookyJam 2022 creation


By: ChiefArug

Spooky scary pumpkins that can be farmed for resources!

Gardens of the Dead

By: ochotonida

Adds new spooky biomes to the Nether

Bone Zone

By: DarkhaxDev , AbsolemJackdaw

Spice up your world with macabre decorations based on bones.

Mystical Oak Tree

By: plantspookable , MehVahdJukaar

Interactive and talking NPC-Like block with 300+ lines of lore, wisdom and facts


By: witixin

Don't provoke a Wandering Trader! They have training and weapons!

Shuck Horror

By: MrSterner_ , cybercat5555

A haloween themed mod which adds corns and related food, and some mobs too


By: Jaredlll08

Paintings feel too static? Try some Funky Frames


By: terrariumearth , CodexAdrian

Reaping souls with a slam of steel

Villager's October

By: noeppinoeppi

It's halloween in the minecraft village! Come and celebrate autumn with the villagers!

Harvest Season

By: MehVahdJukaar , plantspookable

Pumpkin carving, Corn and farmers delight compat

Cursed Crypts

By: phoenix_wb

A spookyjam mod adding crypts across your world!

Haunted Fields

By: thedarkcolour , cfrishausen , bobertrd

Adds the Scarecrow mob πŸ‘»


By: safrodev

Your nightmare has come to life!

Broglis Owls

By: broglii

Adds owls to the world of Minecraft!


In 2021 we have received 30 submissions from 42 different authors! These projects have been cumulatively downloaded 4,164,664 times! Check out all the awesome submissions below!

Suspicious Zombification

By: bl4ckscor3 , MasterPerki

A mod about zombifying animals, fighting off the zombies' curse, and eating suspicious pumpkin pies.

Haunted Harvest

By: MehVahdJukaar , plantspookable

Pumpkin Carving, Corn food and Halloween Trick or Treating for villagers. Farmers Delight and Autumn...

Death Generator

By: caltinor

Produce FE by draining the life of things around you.

Death Knell

By: DarkhaxDev

Spice up the game with new player death messages.

Dark Waters

By: AzureDoomC

There is something hidden in the storms and it approaches

Trick XOR Treat

By: CartoonishVillain

Adds enchantments and magical candy in lieu of trick or treating

Bad to the Bone

By: AbsolemJackdaw , StrikerRocker

Getting older is Spooky... Now feel the suffering of backpain !


By: CartoonishVillain

A new creepy entity that watches in the shadows...


By: cybercat5555 , voddak , Aelpecyem , Cammie , SnaresWorks , MoriyaShiine

In the midst of the journey of our life, I found myself in a dark wood without paths. The Wood is kn...

Eerie Hauntings

By: CartoonishVillain

Spirits personally haunting players!


By: arathain_real

Contracts, covenants, and regrets.


By: EterDelta

Adds balanced enchantable brooms to Minecraft. Fly around the world!


By: cfrishausen , thedarkcolour , bobertrd

Spooky Pumpkin Patch biome with structures and candy


By: lilypuree

Spooky beheaded mobs


By: Buuz135 , Ridanisaurus

Salem will never forget what happen, fight raids to defend yourself and obtain trinkets

Ender Arm

By: DoubleDoorDev , Claycorp

Ever wish you could just reach through blocks to do something quick? Ender arm.

Spooky Scary Jockeys

By: ACGaming

Putting the 'trick' back into trick or treatβ„’ - MMD SpookyJam 2021

Phasmophobia - Fabric

By: MrSterner_

ghosts in minecraft

Trick or Treat

By: SameDifferent , jamalam360

Spooky Halloween candy with fun effects! Made for MMD SpookyJam 2021


By: MelanX

This mod adds a ghost which will haunt you. And kill you. At least if you're weak enough.

Accursed: Pumpkins!

By: misterghast9

Customizable pumpkins!

Weird Happenings

By: gaeakat

This mod makes weird, random occurrences happen occasionally when no one is watching, meant for spoo...

Lost In The Mist

By: Melonslise

They say those with darkness in their hearts wander a world of mist, suffering for their sins...

Orange Lighting

By: GiantLuigi4

Turns block lighting a bit more orange

Scary Twig Snap

By: pitbox46 , alpha_and_gec

Adds ambient sounds to Minecraft's forests

Deep In The Night

By: safrodev

As the sun sets, the darkness emerges...


By: rgmyfr

Adds some halloween related paintings to minecraft!

Vampire Hunter

By: loamlover

discover spooky graveyards, castles and fight a new boss: the Vampire


By: noeppinoeppi

Dark rituals at the cost of your mental health. A mod for SpookyJam2021

Jack o'Melons

By: Doctor_C_Jack

It just adds Jack o'Melons


In 2020 we have received 12 submissions from 13 different authors! These projects have been cumulatively downloaded 463,916 times! Check out all the awesome submissions below!

Immortuos Calyx

By: CartoonishVillain

Adds a new, dangerous parasite to the game


By: Commoble

Adds froglin mobs!

Corrupted Land

By: caltinor

land that corrupts your world if not cleaned up.

Mystical Pumpkins

By: BlueDuckYT

Adds new magical pumpkins with special abilities

Spooky Arms

By: przemykomo , DinoSoupDoctor

adds pumpkin weapons


By: MelanX

Did you ever craft something in a pumpkin?


By: noeppinoeppi

Brew complex potions in a Pumpkin. A mod made for SpookyJam 2020

Spooky Autumn Forests

By: GiantLuigi4

MMD Spooky Jam Mod


By: ChampionAsh5357

Not Everything is What it Seems

Pumpkin Spice Everything

By: BlueDuckYT

Adds a Pumpkin Spice flavor of everything!

Undercover Witches

By: Redstone_Tim , TheR3belT

A minecraft mod which revolves around witches in undercover, made for Spooky Jam 2020.


By: lilypuree

More Interesting and sensible mob spawn & adventure mechanics


In 2019 we have received 11 submissions from 13 different authors! These projects have been cumulatively downloaded 8,069,036 times! Check out all the awesome submissions below!

Creepy Creepers

By: Nertzhul7

May contain creepiness.

Wither Skeleton Totem

By: Barribob

Makes grinding for mob drops more interesting


By: itsmeowdev , cybercat5555

Adds spooky forest creatures like wisps, moths, the Zotzpyre, the Hidebehind, and the Hirschgeist; w...


By: DarkhaxDev

Adds new curses to Minecraft


By: ochotonida

Adds a bunch of skeletal mobs

The Hateful Sun

By: the_will_bl

The sun is dangerous and mutates mobs! Loosely based on SCP 001 - When Day Breaks.

Super Hot

By: KrokoOnAir

Make you Torch SUPERHOT


By: Commoble

Adds a spookier dimension


By: Lemonszz

Adds a powerful Thrillager demi-boss to the game

Deeper Caverns

By: cipher_zero_x , Lachney

A fresh Nether overhaul!


By: skyjay1

Tricksy creatures in Minecraft


In 2018 we have received 14 submissions from 23 different authors! These projects have been cumulatively downloaded 21,471,923 times! Check out all the awesome submissions below!


By: bl4ckscor3

Adds scarecrows that keep monsters (and animals if you want) off your lawn.

Eyes in the Darkness

By: gigaherz

A small spooky mod for the MMD Spookyjam

The Midnight

By: CrypticMushrooom , IcyCrystaI , stinkypotato10 , 321wcat , f1ashfyre , Lachney , cipher_zero_x , Jonathing

A dark and dreary place of eternal night.


By: Virtuoel

Let a spirit control your body to do your bidding

Eerie Entities

By: DarkhaxDev , Jaredlll08

Adds new mobs that fit the minecraft atmosphere.


By: ochotonida

Adds a portable fully-customizable-exploding-jack-o'-lantern launcher!


By: TheCallunxz

When the moon goes away, the shadows come out to play!

Harvester's Night

By: Lykrast

An early game boss fight. Kill the Harvester when he shows through the night.

Stygian End: Biome Expans...

By: super_fluke

New biomes for the end dimension


By: wyn_price

Make a spooky band out of spooky skeletons


By: tiffit_

Adds sanity and consequences for low sanity!

Dead Man's Abyss

By: PyrofabTheModsmith , doctor4t , UpcraftLP

Ladysnake's entry for MMD's 2018 spookyjam event

Witchery- Style Vampirism

By: lilithmotherofall

A mod that adds my own take on witchery's vampirism, for 1.12.2


By: DarkhaxDev

Adds halloween costumes to the game


In 2017 we have received 6 submissions from 6 different authors! These projects have been cumulatively downloaded 17,708,534 times! Check out all the awesome submissions below!

Mysterious Biomes

By: KiriCattus

Made during SpookyJam 2017, Mysterious Biomes (Formerly Spooky Biomes) is a bundle of some spooky fe...


By: DarkhaxDev

Adds nightmares and nightmare mobs


By: DarkhaxDev

Adds the kelpie from Scottish lore to MC.

CTD Twickery

By: TheMasterGeneral

Chase the Dragon's entry into #SpookyJam for 2017

Trumpet Skeleton

By: jamieswhiteshirt_

The sound of trumpets echoes through the night...



Halloween mod made for MMD's SpookyJam