SpookyJam 2023

SpookyJam is upon us once again! Join us in celebrating the fall season and the modded Minecraft community with our seventh annual SpookyJam event! During SpookyJam we encourage mod developers to create new mods that fit with the fall season. Those who participate are encouraged to challenge themselves, learn new skills, and collaborate to create something awesome for the whole community to enjoy. In addition to the mod jam we also host a public server where anyone can join and test out the submissions with the community.

If you are not a mod developer there are still many ways you can participate in the event! The easiest way to participate is to share ideas and give feedback to the participants. While it may not seem like much, a bit of encouragement from players can go a long way. Participating in the event yourself may also be easier than you think! Join our Discord for more info.

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The following rules have been put in place to ensure a safe and fair experience for all participants. Breaking these rules may result in your submission being disqualified. If you have any questions about the rules please reach out on our Discord.

  1. Submissions must only be developed during the event period. This year the event starts on September 20th and will end on October 31st. Coming up with ideas in advance is fine, however all code, textures, sounds, models, and other assets must be made during the event period. A special exception is given for public domain and CC0 assets that are available to everyone. You may also use and remix official Mojang assets provided that your use is lawful, fair use, or abides with Mojang's terms and conditions.
  2. Submissions must fit with the themes of SpookyJam. These themes include anything that is spooky, dark, or mysterious. Anything that fits with the fall/autumn season or celebrates a seasonally relevant custom or tradition is also allowed. If you're not sure if your idea fits you can ask on our Discord.
  3. Submissions must load on both a client and server environment. Targeting only the client or server is fine as long as loading in an unsupported environment does not crash the game or render the game unplayable.
  4. Submissions are strongly encouraged to be compatible with Minecraft 1.20.1 and the Forge mod loader. While supporting other versions and mod loaders is okay, our server and modpack will be targeting that environment and we can not include your submission if you do not have a compatible version available for us. We will attempt to load Fabric based submissions on Forge using Sinytra, however this is an experimental project and results are not guaranteed.
  5. Third party dependencies such as libraries, frameworks, and APIs can be used within reason. You will be accountable for any issues caused by dependencies required by your submission. Dependencies that interfere with other submissions or overhaul the game to the point where other submissions are unplayable will be excluded from the mod pack and server.
  6. Teams are allowed, and even encouraged! There are no limits to the size of teams and a participant may participate with multiple teams. Teams are responsible for deciding how prizes won by their submission will be distributed.
  7. Submissions must not contain malicious code or act in bad faith. We expect everyone to be professional and try not to ruin the event for anyone else. Intentionally crashing the game, making the game unplayable, or maliciously tampering with other submissions will not be accepted.
  8. Sponsors of the event and anyone that is employed by a sponsor may participate in the event however they will be ineligible to win any prizes beyond those given out to all participants. Teams these individuals are on will also be ineligible to win prizes that are not given out to all participants.
  9. Submissions must be uploaded to CurseForge before the submission deadline. They must also pass through CurseForge's standard review process. We highly encourage uploading your project as soon as possible to ensure your project is reviewed in time.
  10. Be respectful to other participants, event sponsors, and event organizers.

Prizes & Rewards

This year we will be working with CurseForge to send limited edition prizes to participants of the event. More details about these prizes will be revealed closer to the end of the event. To receive the prize your submission must follow all rules of the event. Prizes are limited to one per person. We will also be screening submissions to check for abuse.

Modpack & Server

Each year we put together a modpack that showcases mods participating in the event. We also host a public server for players to explore these mods together! More information about the modpack and server will be released near the end of October.


Participants may submit their projects here.


In 2023 we have received 22 submissions from 27 different authors! These projects have been cumulatively downloaded 279,867 times! Check out all the awesome submissions below!

Better Berries Redux Plus

By: The_Lemon_Juiced

Adds even more berries to your worlds.

Flower Mimics

By: Serilum

👻 SpookyJam 2023: Be careful around flowers at night.. they might transform into monsters!


By: Mrbysco , ShyNieke

Have mobs dance next to active jukeboxes

Bats Galore

By: Nyfaria , SirJain

Adds many bats with unique loot for spooky season. Originally made for 2023 SpookyJam!

Jack o'Cache

By: deuli

A mod about collecting various pumpkins.

Hungry Chests

By: ChiefArug

Monchy Cronchy! Don't let the chests bite

Giant Overhaul

By: TathanDev

Finally add an utility to the Giant

Oh My Sherd

By: DarkhaxDev

A variety of new decorated pot sherds!

Cannibal Conundrum [Forge...

By: SirPancakesss , ZeusIGN

Adds crazed cannibals within the world of Minecraft!

Pumpkin Moon

By: UltrusBot

Adds content from the pumpkin moon event from terraria into minecraft.


By: Gamerdragon252

A spooky mod for the spookyJam

Scary Bees

By: AmyMialee

Gives Bees a bit of Halloween Flair!

Sip 'n Savor

By: Lord_Of_Crumbs

Expirience the crisp taste of apple products to the fullest


By: beniven12

A miscellaneous unsuspecting mod based around autumn.


By: RelayModding , Virtuoel , DarkhaxDev , Serilum , witixin , Jaredlll08

🧙‍♀️ Relay × SpookyJam 2023: Become a Witch! Perform rituals, bound familiars and gain power.

Hocus Pocus

By: VulpTheHorseDog2

A magic mod revolving around witchery, autumn and the moon! Made for SpookyJam 2023!

Soulless Steeds

By: ThatGravyboat

Adds natural spawning zombie horses and wither skeleton horses.

Pumpkin Pal

By: Superkat32

Adds a friendly pumpkin. Made for SpookyJam 2023


By: HellionGames

A spooky Voodoo-themed mod made for SpookyJam 2023!

Creepy Decor

By: JTK222 , SirJain

Adds decoration themed around Halloween/Autumn and everything spooky

Diabolical Delights

By: AzureDoomC

Diabolical Delights adds a delightful element of surprise and chaos via the Jack O'Bomb item!


By: The_Lemon_Juiced

Become the grim reaper with this mod.


Can I submit multiple entries?
Yes you may submit as many entries as you would like however we will not be accepting spam entries. If you do choose to work on multiple entries please take steps to avoid stress and burnout.
Can I join multiple teams?
Yes you may join as many teams as you would like. We strongly recommend being transparent with your team mates if you choose to do this.
Can I support multiple mod loaders?
Yes you may support as many loaders as you want. Please keep in mind that supporting Minecraft 1.20.1 and the Forge mod loader is highly encouraged as this is what our mod pack and server will be using. If you are still interested in supporting multiple platforms we recommend checking out the MultiLoader Template.
I am not a mod dev, can I still participate?
Absolutely! Everyone is welcome to participate in SpookyJam. One of the easiest ways to participate is by giving participants feedback and encouragement. Playing with the submissions, sharing them with your friends, and including them in your own mod packs is a great way to support the participants. If you're looking to get more directly involved you may be able to contribute to another submission. SpookyJam is also a great opportunity to learn more about mod development and try to make your own mod!
Can I submit a mod from a previous year?
Yes we allow entries from previous years to be resubmitted. Please keep in mind that these entries are not eligible for prizes and will not receive the same amount of promotion as new submissions. We will consider them in our mod pack and server though.
Does accepting a pull request from an ineligible person make my project ineligible?
Accepting minor pull requests from an ineligible person such as an event organizer is fine. Examples of a minor pull request include fixing a bug, fixing a typo, optimizing resources, localizing the mod to another language. If you are still unsure you can always reach out to an event organizer on Discord.
Is publishing to CurseForge required to participate?
Yes all submission must be published to CurseForge. This requirement allows us to streamline the process of building and publishing the mod pack. You may publish to any other platforms in addition to CurseForge.
Can I use a tool like MCreator?
Using tools like MCreator is allowed but not recommended. Participants are responsible for any bugs or issues caused by their submission and MCreator is known to produce a higher volume of these issues.
Can I submit a mod I did not create?
No. Only the original author may submit a mod.
How should teams submit their projects?
Teams should select one team member to represent and submit their project. Submitting the same project multiple times is not needed and will only create more work for our team.
Do I need to submit my project?
Yes you must submit your project within the submission window of the event. We can not find or track your submission without this.




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